GNSentry is an IoT device that sends the readings from the Abbott's FreeStyle Libre Sensor to an Phone App. Please read all information carefully because our device does NEITHER treat, NOR cure NOR prevent diabetes in ANY way.

ATTENTION!!!! GNSentry is indicated only for users of Abbott FreeStyle Libre 1. If you are not a FreeStyle Libre user, please check with your doctor first before purchasing GNSentry and note that FreeStyle Libre 1 is not available in all countries.

GNSentry is an smart bracelet capable that works with the FreeStyle Libre sensor. It logs and transmits readings from the sensor directly to your Android or iPhone device (iPhone application distributed by invitation), enabling on-demand sugar readings and customizable alarms with just a tap on screen.

It will be so compact that you can wear it comfortably all the time, day and night thanks to its 2 weeks long battery life. The thickest part of the band will only add a few millimeters to the FreeStyle Libre sensor thickness.

It can be easily removed, thanks to its straps of a very comfortable material, and has Velcro to be able to adjust it with simplicity.

To get the iPhone application click here

Compatible with iPhone and Android version 4.4 to 9.

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